Boise Swimming Pool Designs Idaho

Plan View Pool Design Schematics At Natural Hot Springs Pool and Spa, our pool design process is designed to fit the homeowners needs and personal style. Our Boise pool builders work closely with our clients throughout the design process to fully understand each of our clients unique needs including theme, design elements, future extensions, and hazard concerns like children and pets.

Pool Design Consultation
Our first meeting of the design process is to determine your design, layout, goals, and budget. Feel free to browse through our extensive residential pool portfolio or spa portfolio to help you refine your design ideas and create a list of features you would like to implement in the design and features that compliment your home and backyard. Our designer will ask questions about the design and make suggestions until we have a clear vision of what you want. With this information we will create a schematic for your pool.

Pool Schematics - Deck Features
In the following meeting we will provide a schematic for your pool. This is a basic design of the pool including the shape, size, structural features, and other custom features. We'll review the design with you and continue to adjust until you are satisfied. Other details we could add include BBQ's, fire pits, and other water features like slides and diving boards.

We can also help design your back yard retreat in a 3D Format. This will allow you to visualize the project from many different perspectives, allowing you to see what it will look like from the windows of the house both during the day and night. You will be able to see the shimmering of the sun off the water or the color changing lights during the rising moon at night.

Rendering of the pool to visualize project from different aspects and times.
Finished Rendering of Pool Finished Pool A comparison of the 3D model and finished project.