Boise Pool | Spa Maintenance

At Natural Hot Springs Pool & Spa, we consider it our responsibility to build quality pools and spas that ultimately require little maintenance. Some pool owners choose to do most of the maintenance themselves while others elect to hire a professional pool company for the upkeep.

After your pool or spa has been completed, we will show you the simple maintenance required to keep your investment in its best possible condition. Or, if you choose, we can discuss weekly or annual maintenance plans.

Weekly Pool Maintenance
Weekly Maintenance Weekly maintenance includes testing water chemistry and adding proper amounts of chemicals or salt, vacuuming, and backwashing filters.

Annual Pool Maintenance
Annual maintenance includes opening pools in the spring and winterizing them at the end of the year. Most pool owners easily open their own pools in the spring, but winterizing often requires the expertise of a pool professional. It's also a good idea to have a complete pool water analysis done by a professional pool company each year.