Boise Pool Construction

Construction Process

Pool Design Process Step 1: Design Process
In the design process, we gather information about your specific needs. We ask questions about how you will use the pool and how you want it to look. We'll also gather information about the site itself. Then we incorporate your specifications into a custom pool or spa design.
Obtain Pool Permits Step 2: Permits
Natural Hot Springs Pool & Spa adheres to all local building codes. After you have approved the design, we take the plans to the Building Department to obtain the permits required to build the pool or spa.
Pool Design Process Step 3: Site Preparation
With permits in hand, we begin to excavate the site. Once that is completed, we install the reinforcing steel (or rebar) and the plumbing and electrical systems. Your pool is beginning to take shape!
Pool Design Process Step 4: Shotcrete
The next step is to spray concrete (called shotcrete because it doesn't require forms) at high pressure onto the structural framework. We then sculpt that substance by hand to form the pool and wait for it to cure. Special features (such as rock waterfalls) are built at this point.
Pool Design Process Step 5: Decking and Tile
After the shotcrete has cured, we install the decking and tile you selected.
Pool Design Process Step 6: Plaster
Applying plaster is the final stage of building a swimming pool or spa. (Plaster is available in many colors for you to choose from.)
Pool Design Process Step 7: Fun
Once construction is finished, it's time to fill the pool. You can step back and enjoy the view of your dream come true - and then call your friends to join you for a swim in the pool or a soak in the spa. Surf's up!